• capers

    Ain’t no way 99.9% of y’all are working

    More like 40% probably work lol

    People on here haven’t worked in years and spend time on that s***ty subreddit

  • the majority yes, but way less than u think

  • Danny

    I'm the other one the one with the offices white collar shout out blue collar classic movie @Magenta shout out Bruce the Boss Springsteen @Tubig shout out Office Space @Jerry_Seinfeld

    Two chicks at the same time man

  • I've seen like 5 different definitions of working class

  • hot pancakes

    define working class

    Does not make a living through passive ownership

  • i was in class wit that work

  • TheReal212

    Most of the people here are probably just teens or kids lmao

    Teens dont post on here no more

    Most users here are in their 20s


    I’m elite bourgeoisie