• Creating a family outside of family

    I'm an artist that's been doing 80 people's job for years now. Beyond passionate, already sacrificing a lot for music and my artistry

    I keep getting messages from friends, fans, pr companies that say my talents/skills in music don't match the current plays & exposure

    My purpose and mission are bigger than just music as to inspire and continue to produce music at a higher level

    It's been unhealthy taking care of everything myself for years and it'd be wise to form a team now for it to be sustainable

    The journey should be recorded and shared to inspire everyone just like my favorite artists have i.e. Wiz Khalifa day today's, vlog style, sharing footage which inspires me to this day and tiny glimpses of my work so far has had a ripple effect on those around me

    The story is extraordinary with no musical background, the journey so far been beyond compelling. It'd be a tragedy not to share

    Financial, music business standpoint -- the potential for storytelling at a mass level, those who need a source of inspiration for those who have been alienated, gone through traumas unheard of etc, can lead to several business opportunities in itself. As well as my image, work ethic, talents, skills, purpose, passion. This can lead to sponsors, movies, outreach, soundtracks, developing other artists, creating a community that most would appreciate & value. Though this is not the main goal -- if I did this for money, I would have quit a long time ago

    Ofcourse like other talented artists/creatives -- a big issue is financing, budgeting and working around it as marketing is everything and that requires a lot of money so asking to see how I can evolve from that and to keep the momentum going. My marketing campaign has been good with the resources I have, getting noticed throughout the years by big artists but I'm not a lame to ask them for help or put me on. I do things respectfully, for the respect and by earning it

    My current plays don't reflect potential, exposure and what's already been put in regarding work:

    Currently looking for roles in:

    In-house producer/engineer