• Great ass album, his most vulnerable and realest album, i went back and its still incredible. The beats are very well crafted as well. The quality and unpredictability I want from a kendrick record.

  • TheGhost

    10/10 tracks on this album (and up there with his hardest tracks in his discog)

    Worldwide Steppers
    Father Time
    Rich Spirit
    We Cry Together
    Count Me Out
    Auntie Diaries

    thats 9 of some of the hardest tracks he ever put out, i dont understand how people can hate on this album at all man

    and that realisation did not come fast, i always liked the album but it grew and grew as time went on, you could certainly hear the greatness shine on every damn track the first listen tho

  • Particularly not a fan of the album due to the memories surrounding it, but more power to the ones who enjoy it