• These traders on Poly are usually pretty accurate when it comes to anything like this and prediction markets in general are pretty good at predicting what will actually happen

    If bron gets off without a 3 game suspension that will be ridiculous, if this was the other way around Stewart would not even be in the league anymore as of last night lol Mid game he prob would have packed his stuff

    Bron is not a dirty player but deserves a pretty hefty suspension. Personally i'm all for chippy games but its regular season against the pistons lol, relax bron


  • Bron was just getting expertly boxed out by a young nigga and his old ass couldn't take it. Man looked right at Isaiah Stewart's face, cocked back and threw that hammer fist right at Stewart's face in a fit of blind old man rage. It wasn't until after he hit him did he realize he cracked and tried to save face.

    Suspend that crotchety old fart for five games

  • Dude is washed

  • Kick the guy on the pistons out the league and leave lebron alone

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