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    Big Ben vs Big Henry 1pm ET

    Week 7 Schedule

    Highlights from Week 6

    Notable Performances
    Player of the month for NFC & AFC

    NFC finest, QB Russell Wilson, Seahawks

    AFC finest, QB Josh Allen, Bills

    Also, a nice way for AFC K Stephen Gostkowski to bounce back after a horrendous performance in week 1

    September Rookies of the Month!

    AFC's rookie safety that's making a name for himself, Antoine Winfield

    AFC's rookie RB, James Robinson

    Bold Predictions

    Texans finish 3rd in their division
    Cowboys make the Super Bowl
    Mayfield wins MVP

    9ers miss the playoffs
    Daniel Jones finish top 5 in TD passes
    Burrow breaks rookie TD record (26 iirc)

    Cards win the NFC

    Miles Sanders wins Offensive Player of the Year
    Bucs miss the playoffs
    Bills win the Superbowl

    Saints finish 3rd in their division
    Odell has a huge bounce back season
    Browns make the playoffs
    Tua starts week 12

    Eagles miss playoffs
    Dak wins MVP
    Cowboys reach SB
    Hollywood Brown makes All-Pro team

    My Night
    Drew Lock will lead the Broncos to 10 or more wins
    Tampa not winning more than 8 games
    Wentz will be benched for Hurts
    Stafford if healthy will be an MVP candidate
    Brees will be benched for Taysom Hill

    Tom Brady gets back to regular form, leads bucs to win 12 games & the SuperBowl
    Russ finally gets MVP
    Cam leads pats to playoffs
    Gronk scores 8tds or more
    Carson Wentz wins Comeback player of the year

    NFL Fam

    🦅 and Dreezy- Julio, Dxtr, Champu, KAMAUxxx, Tito, JayS, Santa, Ares, KHING, Cole World

    Cowboys - Kloppo, Jangle, Sllimane, Dirty6, Surgical

    Bills - Sixty5, Tdot, RD

    Giants - Guru, Nillz, Robinhood, Magneto

    Football Team - Shazor, Awarded, Carter Kieboom

    Vikings - Unity, CSBJ

    Packers - Morgan, Keeks, Synopsis, Blackexcellence, The Man

    Falcons - Cam, Shliime, My Night, Red Bandana, Mechanical

    Saints - Law, FlyMx, Quadra, Blade

    Panthers - SlicedBread, Rihanna Stan

    Buccaneers - Marty

    Cardinals - Osey

    Seahawks - Beautiful Morning, Jey, Bliss, Ety, Larry Fox

    49ers - Number, Luffy, Santa

    Dolphins - Ovocrew, NPZ

    Rams - Fyasko

    Broncos - lil YZY vert, RoyalSavant

    Chiefs - Balla Bloccin, AD3

    Ravens - 6isco, Giz, Django

    Bengals - ICYELI

    Titans - AK, Money6, Sense, Sand Man

    Jags - Glock

    Bears - King Jerm

    Colts - BigBelts, Jay, Maaj

    Lions - Mamba

    Patriots - NG, Prez, Stan, KZ, Keepthereceipt, Stealth

    Jets - Osey, Kidkuro

    Chargers - 2005hondacivic, genghiskharti

    Raiders - Mictlan, Fundamentals, Derek Carr

    Texans - Larry Fox, ghosting

    Vacated - Browns

    Hall of Fame

    Link To Smileys courtesy of Morganomics

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  • Tua starts week 12

    Add that in my bold predictions

  • finally

    a REAL OP

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  • 4PF approved 🙏

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  • clippers 2021 champs

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  • look at this s*** lmao

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  • Makima 💜
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    Fire DQ

    F*** the Aints

    F*** the Bucs

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    yeah, YOU

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  • Josh Allen winning MVP and SB this Season

  • Rousseau soon

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    you a b****

    yeah, YOU

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    Eezy gone, need someone to keep up with the titles/op


    Eezy gone, need someone to keep up with the titles/op

    His team 0-3 can't trust his judgement

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    His team 0-3 can't trust his judgement


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