• Haven't performed live in a long time, since highschool, and I got a chance to do like 15 mins of songs that I've been working on

    Wondering if any of you vets got some tips on vocal warmups (like a goto YouTube video for warm-ups), techniques for remembering lyrics (I got ADHD so remembering lyrics is like #1 fear for me), and other useful s*** that could be helpful
    thank you again as always

  • If u got ADHD
    Let ur ADHD take over and the wonders will follow :)

    Make sure u make contact with ur audience, add brief pauzes between ur songs too and don't go too wild too early for ur energy cause breath control and u don't wanna run out by the end

    Also don't hold ur mic at the knob or whatever they call it on top, it will f*** ur sound up(just saying cause alot of ppl including me did that xp)

    If u don't remember lyrics or like to sing certain parts, u can always adlib or hypeman urself out in-between

    And most of all have fun don't overthink
    I personally really love it
    Seeing a crowd engage to sum s*** u made, ur just in ur zone for that set and it feels like heaven

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    Jul 20

    Ken Tamplin vocal warmups have been helpful for people I work with

  • Organize the set list so that you’re not destroying your voice on the first song

    Save the best song for last - use the second best to open with

    Be energetic, crowd gives back the energy they’re given

    If you forget words, just mumble along as close to the flow as you can until you catch back on. Use a backing track if you’re not confident in memorizing lyrics

  • 1st song should be an energy creator.

    2nd song should be your top 5 or whatever can harness even more energy

    3rd song release the Spirit Bomb

    Last song should be the song that destroys your voice