• P4P for me

    griselda ran 2020 though

  • if only WSG let P4P breathe

  • Teal_

    Pray For Paris but Burden of Proof is a great album as well

  • Paris

  • The one with the Caravaggio painting of David wearing WSG chains

  • Pray for Paris then you pray for me!

  • The production on Paris is the best on an album this year. Burden is good but it would be better without all hit boy beats.

    Also Gunn may be the worst rapper in Griselda but he knows how to make songs.

  • Jerry Seinfeld

    Pray for Paris then you pray for me!

    “Best of all time when it come down to this fly shit I style my rhyme crime drive-bys line for line SICK”

  • Burden

  • BoP was cool, but just like Sunshine, it didn’t really blow me away. Pray for Paris did, though.

  • Paris but it's too early for this lol

  • liked Burden but Pray for Paris is too good

  • Pinhead

    if only WSG let P4P breathe

  • Neither...Conways better than both

  • Burden of Proof>>>

  • FKTG > BOP > PFP

    All 8/10+

  • No wrong answer its close for me rn i'm thinkin p4p inches it

  • for me personally p4p the second best griselda tape this year

  • Pinhead

    if only WSG let P4P breathe

    He didn't even let Flygod breathe, DGSN came right after but it's still widely considered to be the best Griselda album of them all.

  • Pray for Paris edges it for me but both are amazing

  • Conways project had the wackest beats by far

    This is a tough comparison though

    Benny is a far better rapper than Gunn imo cuz gunns voice can get mad annoying after a while, but production wise, P4P might slightly edge BoP

    Think overall I’ll take BoP tho

  • The 7 Day Theory

    Neither...Conways better than both


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