• Updated Dec 15, 2021

    hi everyone, i’m back and modding regularly again.

    the last week or so i’ve been noticing a lot of s***post/trolling/meta threads here in the life section. s***posts can be funny, when they’re in the right area! please don’t clog up the life section with silly posts. i promise you that this section won’t suffer from a lack of content when are threads being created or moved to the misc section. if anything it will make misc more active and fun and make life a better area for its relevant topics.

    please check it out! and don’t get surprised if you make a misc tier post and it gets moved to the appropriate section.


  • Jun 5, 2021

    be the change you want to see

  • sabsad 🧔🏻
    Dec 15, 2021

    final warning. if you have a history of s***posting threads in here, the only section you will be able to post in henceforth will be misc. not even music.