• Aug 13, 2020

    There have been several threads comparing WAP to other sexual explicit rap songs, this one by the dogg pound is an actual match though : some bomb ass p****

    • Better instrumental: the g-funk era is hard to beat for me. Still WAP dissapointed me as I hoped it would've went into a NOLA bounce (à la big freeda) or Chicago House direction due to the sample...

    I could see it being a ballroom classic with lots of duckwalking/voguing in the video too

    • better lyricism: both have very explicit lyrics but kurupt and Daz are by far better lyricist. The sexual explicit lyrics at first made me uncomfortable lol but after a couple of listens I got used to it, they're very descriptive... It's a really sexxxxxy song

    Even if y'all prefer WAP check this song out and share what y'all think