• Yoo why is nobody talking about this film?

    This was like Good Time + Uncut Gem wrapped into one in terms of anxiety. Masterfully directed film. Go watch it!

  • Apr 27

    Great movie

  • really good, surprised it didnt have a thread already tbh

  • Waiting for it to hit MUBI next month to peep

  • gonna watch this week

  • Can’t wait to see this heard good things

  • Honestly had no idea what this film was about but seeing the pitch in op that’s it’s intense like good times and uncut is so exciting

  • pt ❄️
    Apr 27

    great film

  • goat movie

  • saw a letterboxd review that said its hot girl uncut gems and its pretty spot on tbh

    probably my favorite movie of the year so far

  • Oh s*** this only like an hour long too

    Def gonna squeeze this in before bed tonite

  • this was great


    didn’t watch the trailer till after I finished and I’m glad I didn’t watch it before. gives away too much.

  • fantastic just watched

    really loved the main actor in this hope to see more. i saw both her and the director are working together again on a new film

  • May 4
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    Dianna Agron

  • Loved this

  • impressive how young director is too incredible debut

  • interstellarflyin2

    impressive how young director is too incredible debut

    i keep thinking about this too

    she just graduated from college in 2017 and the short film to this was her thesis. she's def got something special going on

    not only you gotta make this but you gotta independently fund it somehow too which they were able to do in a year. this is quite amazing work for someone who likely will only really improve from here and have easier funding opportunities

  • her next film sound like another funny one

    Seligman’s next film “Bottoms” will pair her with “Shiva Baby” star and internet comedian turned actress Rachel Sennott. That movie will trace the lives of two unpopular queer girls who are also starting a fight club to have s***before their high school graduation.

  • May 5
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    Dianna Agron

    Back off my b****

  • Mike Deans Cousin

    Back off my b****

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