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    He’s going to do it again , what a teaser, no raps just a vocal harmony playing

    lock it in 😎

  • the deluxe is out everywhere- 7 bonus tracks that continues the saint opera😎

  • Mar 10
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    a skyzoo thread

  • In Celebration of Us will always be a classic

  • Pinhead

    a skyzoo thread


  • Pinhead

    a skyzoo thread

    honeslty i gotta give him credit for making underground cool in the 2000's and if it wasn't for him, it wouldn't be cool to be underground today.

    Not that they are underground, but Griselda formed from that cloth. Cause of people like Skyzoo doing it first.

    Underground rap was on some corny nerd s*** for a bit there and Skyzoo and them fixed that and made it cool.

  • How am I just now hearing about this

    This man has one of the Best Hip-Hop, Jazz collaboration albums and updated with more heat!