• So, finally decided to throw my old Behringer Mic into the garbage and get an upgrade.
    I'm not looking for anything specific, just something that's great picking up quality vocals.
    So far the Slate ML-1 and the Neumann TLM-103 have caught my eye.
    I'm tending to buy the ML-1, since it overs more options with the emulations, but I'm not really sure, so I wanted to get some feedback from y'all.

    What do y'all think? Or is there another mic you would recommend?

  • May 4

    the ML-1 seems like a super versatile Microphone

    the TLM-103 is a great Mic for vocals but yeah your stuck with the one frequency and pickup so if you don't think it sounds nice with your voice you can't do too much besides some mixing

    you need a decently treated room for either since they are Condensers

    the one thing that bugs me about the ML-1 is the payment scheme they have where you are buying DLC for a physical item but I get it since it's so useful, being able to try a C800G

  • i had the tlm and it was great you’ll definitely notice a boost in vocal quality/easier to mix with either option

    idk what your budget is but also look into townsend, youd need UA so itll be more expensive but its the same idea as ML-1

  • Tlm is a very harsh mic

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