• Aug 6

    "U.S. basketball star Brittney Griner was convicted Thursday in Russia of d*** possession and smuggling and was sentenced to nine years behind bars in a politically charged case"

    There's a local law.
    You didn't respect it.
    You got arrested.

    Why is that wrong?

    are you sure she did that? you seem very sure, you must have proof sir

  • Aug 6
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  • Harmonia

    niggas currency are rubies

  • CurlyZ

    Conservative mfs was anti-Russian everything a few weeks ago and now all of a sudden they have an unwavering respect for the sanctity of Russian d*** laws.

  • ks99

    God why are people like you so f***ing stupid

    It’s just a joke brother, you don’t gotta take it personal lol

  • Harmonia

    I'm not saying it isnt a racial thing but theres also one important factor here that isnt being taken into account

    There wasnt no war when white girl got busted

  • Harmonia

    I’m sure racism plays a part, but this mostly bout political leverage more than anything.

  • A Mad Ass Nigga

    Free anyone locked up for weed

  • Only read the last couple pages. I can tell who has and hasn’t traveled outside the US before based on some of these post.