• Jan 26, 2021

    a brief introduction...

    Tender Tones is a french indie pop duo composed of Manon Deruytere and Maxime Pargaud. This Paris based band explores the most vibrant, sometimes dark and unpredictable side of synthpop and shoegaze music.

    if I myself had to give a quick description of them I do say they sound very much like M83s Saturdays=Youth. this EP barely hits the mark of 25 minutes and its some of the best music out there imo. Hypnotic vocals and synthesizers. They have very few listeners online and I just thought I do make a thread for this album which has been on constant rotation for me since it dropped.

    Quick Sampler

    Stream their EP on Spotify

    Stream their EP on AM

    Buy their EP on Bandcamp

    If anything I hope I'm able to get at least someone to listen to them.