• I’m 23 and still live with my parents. Plan on moving out at the beginning on next year. Been trying to fix my credit so I can get the best rates and don’t have to pay a huge deposit down. Main reason I wanna move out is because I’m literally a grown ass man. I don’t need to be living with my parents at this age. Don’t get me wrong, I love the no-paying-rent life. But it’s time to be a big boy and do what I need to do. What should I expect when moving out? What do i ask landlords when asking them questions? Etc etc etc. Thank you, KTT fam.

  • saved I’m 23 too and I’m tryna get out of here

    Lots of 23 yr olds in the same situation rn though I bet. Tough to be independent in this economy.

  • I'm renting rn and I wish I waited longer and stacked up more bread to get a down payment on a multifamily

    Rent it out, live in one of the units if necessary, etc.

    Aside from that roommates can help you cut costs big time

  • Also expect to pay 3x the rent up front(first month, security, fees)

    Make sure you have budgeted monthly expenses and always keep a couple months worth in a savings acc at least

  • Uh stop asking the internet for advice and stand on your own mind #protip

  • Life is vicious now go
    Just go and the questions will answer themselves

  • Get ur money up

  • dont. especially right now.

  • Aug 19

    hope you got like 10 bands minimum.

  • Was just thinking the same thing bro, 23 and feel like I really am too comfortable living at home rn

  • TAKE PICTURES of everything when you actually move in somewhere. sometimes landlords will hold s*** that was already there over your head, so it's good to have some proof.

    also, buy renter's insurance. it's cheap asl, and it will save your ass in the case of any misfortune.

  • Aug 20

    get ahead of rent payments by a few months if you can. will help a lot

  • im super stoked to be getting an apartment but not sure what to expect at all

  • Buy a house man f*** an apartment. Save up for a down payment and pay a mortgage for what you would spend on rent a month. Honestly buy furniture later. S*** I was sleeping on the floor for a month before I got a bed delivered to me

  • gbluecheez

    saved I’m 23 too and I’m tryna get out of here

    Lots of 23 yr olds in the same situation rn though I bet. Tough to be independent in this economy.

  • IDK your situation but considering you're 23 I'm not gonna suggest you buy a home lol

    I'd say look into rooms for rent first. It has a ton of cons (still dealing with other people's rules) but it's a lot cheaper and depending on your lifestyle it could work

    But even before that, figure out your monthly expenses. Pull your old bank statements for the last 3 months (at least) and really try to average out how much you're making vs how much you're spending.

    Make a decent sized list of potential places and average the price out for like the top 3 then compare the rent vs your finances.

    If you're getting an apartment then account for like an extra 50 dollars a month for s*** like water, sewer and whatever the complex decides to tack on. Rough food budget probably like another $150 a month.

    Photograph everything! Any paint chips, loose handles on cabinets etc literally anything that YOU might be made responsible for after you move out. Apartments give you the checklist, if you rent from a private owner I'd say print out a Walk through Checklist yourself.

    Renter's insurance is a must.

    If you are dealing with a Landlord do a lot of research on them because you can catch a slumlord pretty often with a google search and get actual court docs.

    IDK how much stuff you have but renting a truck from Lowe's or Home Depot >> U-Hauling a cargo van if you don't have a lot. My homie did this and saved like $40+ bucks.

    Thrift whatever you can!! Everything but your bed if you have to. When I was getting ready to move I even got a storage locker around the corner and started stacking s*** without my mom knowing because I was tryna move out on the low.

    Your first apartment isn't going to be your "Forever Home" or something spectacular unless you making hella bread, in which case that's crucial information you left out

    the fact that you're looking to take on more responsibility and have your own place is good tho

  • Don’t worry too much about your credit. If you have about 2k in the tuck just for getting in the place, you’re fine. Apartments want people who’ll pay, not just people with decent credit.

  • There should be an official apartment thread.

  • Oct 18

    3x the amount (like someone said)

    Bed, Fridge, fan, lamp. ($1.5k)

    Be ready to spend, but after, live frugal for a while

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