• I just checked my X app and I received the message that my account is permanently suspended.

    "After careful review, we determined your account broke the X Rules."

    I literally never tweet I only use it to read other people's tweets so I'm sure this is an error on their part but what can I do to reinstate my account?

  • nah you definitely did something

  • eclass ⛓️
    May 6

    elon deemed you as a certified pedophile

  • Any one of these reasons: Misinformation, Manipulated media, Plagiarizing others' intellectual property, Security concerns, Spam accounts, Automated flagging, User reports, Account compromise, and/or Twitter error.

    Or you into some wild s*** in your likes who knows

  • Appealed it and just got back this email:

    "Your account has been restored

    We’re writing to let you know that we’ve unsuspended your account. Should you run into any trouble logging back in, try requesting a password reset email. It may take an hour or so for your follower and following numbers to return to normal."

    I think what happened was I was liking all the Kendrick/Drake tweets too quickly and they thought I was a bot

  • May 6
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    They banning suspected bots rn

  • ButterflyKisses69

    They banning suspected bots rn

    100% they thought I was a bot

    I never tweet but I was liking way too many pro-Kendrick tweets way too quickly LOL