• I’m walking and running in shoes that definitely aren’t the best in terms of health and comfort. Can y’all put me on some good s***?

  • Nike Pegasus 41 (coming out soon) or ASICS novablast 4

  • eclass ⛓️
    May 23

    new balance 1080 v13

  • Prolly best to be have your gait looked at some running specialist store, I'm looking to do the same this weekend

  • May 23
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  • May 23

    Go to a running store and find something there, unless you know for sure what you need down to the specifics you gotta do it with a specialist

  • ghosting ®️
    May 23


    getting fitted probably the best option

    or trying on s*** in store and picking the coolest

  • Alpha/zoom fly 3 or literally any carbon plated shoes. The designs are always over the top regardless of brand. This category also known as cheat/super shoes and they are banned in legit events