• As a child, the only thing I was good at was writing. I was very soft spoken and shy but I always had a way with words. Since my primary interests were film/television and music I always assumed that I’d have a career in the entertainment industry. But with Nigerian parents, I was pushed to go to a career in medicine. The last time I wrote I was a freshman in college. My English professor loved my essays so much that she recommended that I double majored in writing, but I was too caught up in my science courses. I keep promising myself that I’ll keep my creative side alive, but I’m turning 25 this year and I’m very tempted to give it up all together. How can I keep that spark? How can I hold on to my inner child?

  • just do it any way you can
    make writing a habit. carry a notebook or write on your phone, whatever's more convenient, and just write for however long you can in that moment, whether it's only 30sec or for 30min.

  • Jan 26

    For me, it's a mix of passion and good work habits that leads to results. Come up with a project that you can get excited about and start setting some goals for yourself. Set a word count every day and try to hit it as often as possible. Be specific and direct. You'll find the words start coming easily when 1) you reach for them every day and 2) you care about what you're creating.

  • Don't force it. Write when you feel like it. When you start to write just let it flow and don't judge it. Don't judge what you hear, just write and if you need to edit it will happen naturally!