• I haven’t made music in many years but I feel its time to get back to perfecting the craft. My biggest delay is on deciding on what OS I want to use. Been using Windows product for my whole life, except an iPad in college, so I am somewhat familiar with iOS. I know Mac comes with GarageBand for free but I have always got FL studio through other sources. Main reason I still want a Mac is because I know I could at least get a portion of my money back if I was to sell it.

  • Mac

  • Honestly doesnt matter

  • Fl studio works on macs now

  • both tbh made stuff on here garageband og 3.0 and fl3.0 on dell basic xp laptop just knowing how to use the gear, turning off internet ( no distractions) and zoning out tbh

  • Mar 31

    doesn't matter, whichever you're most comfortable with

  • You all are telling me that if I use a MacBook, I won't become the next YBN Jay? :\

  • Mar 31

    If my producer pull out a levono it’s quiet for him

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