• Do you use wireless earbuds and if so what do you recommend?

  • If you on a budget the Mi basic earbuds are nice

  • JayS 💎
    Jun 21


  • Jabra’s if you want something quality for a cheaper price

  • mi airdots

  • jabra gang

  • I've had Bose SoundSport Frees for a year and a half. Missing a few features other people might really want but they sound so crazy good every time and that's mostly what I really care about

  • Bought i12 TWS, I only wanted a pair for running treadmill. Sound quality is mid but its cheap. Might serve you well, depending on what you want the earbuds for

  • Loving it, the fact that i can get them out practically anytime and how its so convenient, the liberating kind of feel too is such an underrated factor. Been listening to more music than ever since i own one

    My regret tho is my first cop is some entry model, im convinced by them that i wish I'd pick up a high end stuff right away instead. Peep the FiiL T1x it's like $50 but already above average - great tier

  • Got the over the ear TaoTronics with noise cancellation and AIrPods. I used to have some of the Chinese ones they sell on Amazon for $40, but they kept giving me issues.

  • Samsung Galaxy Buds+. 11 hour battery life and equalizer presets are a must. They also work at a ridiculous distance. Lemme tell you what 11 hours means. I charge them maybe once every 3-4 days. I use around 30-50% in a day listening for long periods of time. Your phone will run out of battery twice before your buds, you'll get tired of music long before the buds are out of charge. The peace of mind is priceless and the quality is just... I bought them at full price on day one and I haven't regretted them one day. They also get updated frequently.

  • Pretty sure there's no wireless earbud on the market that sounds as good as a $10 pair of wired earbuds. I aint putting batteries in my ear, losing pods every month, paying more than $100 for them and recharging them everyday just so I don't have wires.

    Wireless earbuds are the new Beats, if you use them you're probably more concerned with looking cool than actually using the product.

    I bought two pairs of wireless earbuds and had to return them, they made music sound like s***. Stay away from wireless audio.

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