• Prince Of Persia is a legendary franchise that has loads of titles, offshoots, and movies? However, at one point, the franchise was going through an awkward transition to 3D. The 1999 title was disappointing for not properly translating it's style to the new medium. It wasn't until Ubisoft stepped in and called up Jordan Mechner, that the franchise started to see a sense of direction. Resulting in the beloved, classic Sands Of Time(2003). There were even more park our elements and verticality than before. However, it still retained the classical, fantastical spirit of the OG Prince Of Persia games.

    On the opposite end, Eric Chahi's seminal Another World/Out Of This World had just a few games in the series. The 2nd installment showed the viewpoint of the Alien and his roundabouts in the 1st game. In Addition, I found it interesting as for a game remembered for its 1st game, there is a lot of intrigue regarding the world due to it's aliens, architecture, and motives.

    Now, both of these games were cinematic platformers. Chahi actually was influenced by POP. Not saying that it could happen but hypothetically would it be possible for Another World to get a reinvention similar to PoP: Sands Of Time. Would it work or would it ruin the Allure of the original. I personally, think it could have potential. However, what do you guys think? And what would you hypothetically think it would be like? :khaled

  • Jul 10