• Jan 7

    I don't know how I'm this consistent lol. almost forgot about this song...actually I started writing it and all my progress was deleted and I just came up with the hook based on that experience. I was super the point where I may just use pen and paper for all my music going forward.

    crazy that I post my s*** online still. haha. maybe I'll just keep stuff to myself. hella fun to accumulate dope versions of my older records with updated production, extended hooks and extra verses.

    one of these days. I'll actually go to a studio and put something physical together for myself.

    Studying my songs closely. I have so many of them ...I can sort of hear where I want to go in the future based on where I've been.

    I kinda let most of my s*** expire. in terms of having a website, one cared. so I stopped caring....about "sharing" my art.

    Wild cool to live with all my songs. Super lucky that I can make the type of s*** that I want to make.

    In the meantime. I'll stay rocking how I been rocking. Thank you for listening. I appreciate it.

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