• Updated Nov 5, 2021


    I mean damn. I usually feel like the lyrics explain the thought process behind the yea. a bit of a background on my personal story. Some existential dread. Some paranoia. Trust issues, etc.

    other than that. I saw ETERNALS last night. wrote this outside of the theater right before. the movie was meh imo. good special effects but the flashbacks made it hella hard to stay grounded in the storyline. some really funny characters though. solid performances from everybody. just way too many flashbacks.

    woke up this morning. laid down some vocals. had a ton of fun with the rhyme scheme. fiddled around with the production (been focusing on including more beat switches in my songs). ate some breakfast or whatever. mixed that s***. mastered that s***. uploaded to soundcloud.

    wrote some s*** about it or whatever on an internet forum and moved on with my life.

    Thank you for reading/listening. Hope you have a nice day.

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