• They’re running a promotion, first month for 99¢ with a 3 month commitment, ends in May

  • Mar 19
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  • mjpplus


  • mjpplus

    I see you haven’t had the religious experience of being in a theater where everyone recites it line for line


  • lil sunny

    My account “showed excessive purchases at multiple locations with overlapping showtimes”

  • Mar 21

  • Paid discount to watch the new Godzilla x Kong movie. Then I saw on the app they had a month for .99¢ and I watched invisible man and immaculate the same day. Tbh it’s worth it even at full price.

    Even if the movies ain’t the greatest at least it’s entertaining. I’ll be living in the theatre for the next few months. Highly recommend

  • Apr 25
  • May 15
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    About to go on a crazy run

  • Melz ⚜️
    May 15

    About to go on a crazy run

    I just joined again recently

    Need to go see planet of the apes