• So I like to physically read most of my books because I have a hard time not gapping out for periods while listening to audiobooks but I still enjoy them. I’m looking for good audiobooks that are entertaining and informative but not very demanding. Liked listening to rock biographies/spiritual stuff/historical

    Anybody else do this? And any good suggestions?

  • Aug 25

    kinda unrelated but did you like when teachers would read out loud in class? if so you should try listening to an audiobook while you read. it occurred to me a couple years ago that reading while listening is basically the same thing & it helped me focus a lot more. even while my active reading drifts out of focus i can still follow along by scanning the words & focus more on the imagery of whats written

  • I prefer audio books over reading books just because I get distracted so easily. An audio book I feel like requires less work, I can do something else in the process and easily skip back 30 seconds or a minute if I zone out.

    Plus, I can listen during work or during my drive to work. My actual free time is so limited I can't read books nearly as much as I can listen to them

    I listened to the entire Game of Thrones series and it was fantastic. I already had a basic understanding of the narrative from the show and key differences (Lady Stoneheart) so zoning out or getting distracted for 30 sec wasnt a big deal

  • IT narrated by Steven Webber is incredible, the only way to experience it.

  • Love audiobooks! Been listening to them nonstop the past few years. They also allow me to get through multiple books at the same time, since I can listen to one and read one.

    Two really fun ones that I’ve listened to recently are Kitchen Confidential by Bourdain and Mythos by Stephen Fry.

  • Jeremy Irons’ narrations always go hard.