• I Wanna read some books to get the creative juices flowing. Go ahead & drop recommendations

    I’ll start
    The Art of War - Steven Pressfield
    Its All In Your Head- Russ

  • Mar 25

    Art history books?
    Art skill building books? Or
    Artbooks from artists only showing art work?

    I own a plethora of the latter two

  • Damn Good Advice - George Lois
    Turning Pro - Steve Pressfield
    Steal Like An Artist - Austin Kleon
    Manage Your Day To Day - 99u (it's a collective work)
    It's Not how good you are, it's how good you want to be - Paul Arden

    Off the top of my head/bookshelf. These are more focused on people just getting into creative work but they're still fun to reference later too

  • Mar 25

    Gustave Dore’s Illustrations for Paradise Lost

  • Apr 5
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  • Apr 7
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    Looks fire

  • AlexRoyce

    Looks fire

    Essential to anyone looking to have more meaningful sessions creating your art. Gives a new perspective on creating than just doing it all the time

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