• I’m thinking of doing this, because I’m able to put something down that I remember and kinda contextualize it in my head

  • I listen/watch some essays about on youtube

  • yeah i try, but i usually prefer to try to discuss what i read to help digest it can’t really do that nowadays

  • yea I'll never start a new book the same day I finish one

    also been trying to write up a brief summary and important highlights from non fiction books I read

    the best books have you reflecting for weeks, months, or years tho

  • Apr 30

    if you dont you're just another consoomer

  • Apr 30

    I would always say with any book/film/art if you take one lesson or idea from it then it’s a success

  • Yea i like to take notes while im reading and once im finished read over my notes

  • i can’t remember anything from a book after i read it

  • It's an automatic process for me. If i was immersed in the world, it's bound to happen when the book ends.

    For non-fiction, its a given

  • May 4

    If its good def

  • isn’t that like the whole point of reading a book?

  • Self reflection + reading up on other peoples perspectives on goodreads / Reddit etc. — absolutely.

    How else would you glean every as much information/perspectives about what you’ve just read?

  • Depends on if the book made an impression on me

  • I sat there like an hour with the dictionary facing the mirror

  • I used to read and write notes to fix some parts that I considered interesting or need some more understanding.

    That's definitely a good way to reflect along the read.

    After finish I read those notes.

  • Yeah I try to find a***ysis/discussion videos but that really only works for classics and super popular contemporary books

    If it’s a less popular book I hope to find a forum discussion or something

  • i reflect as i read it

    i usually invest a good week into reading a few chapters, specific section and reflect on that

    come back to the book after a week or teo

  • May 6

    Of course. Any good reader should

  • I feel like I reflect on what I just read and build on that as I go. The end wraps up a narrative or the non fiction authors offers their own concluding sentiments but most of the important stuff for me comes while I'm working through it

  • Because of my ADD, I often find myself re-reading stuff all over again to keep it in my memory.

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