• Codeine Cowboy

    bad take

    edit: nvm u just reetarded

  • Spicy Nachos

    I'm well aware he's signed guys, but they all disappear and never really grow outside Drake's shadow.

    I guess you can't really blame Drake but it always seems artists that get under Drake end up some C list artist at OVO

    Drake uses his artists to benefit him rather than to let them highlight themselves, look at Sampha

  • The fact Life Is Good is the biggest Rap/Hip-Hop hit released in 2020 so far

  • He’ll pass the torch to NBA Youngboy around that time most likely

  • 5 years a long ass time in the music industry.

  • Rymas 2k20

    Drake uses his artists to benefit him rather than to let them highlight themselves, look at Sampha

    That's my point, he's not really looking for people to grow outside of him

  • quadra

    Good post then

    yeah i give drake his due i also give him s*** for s***ing as of late

  • Tubig

    5 years a long ass time in the music industry.

    Yeah but I don't realistically see Drake being dethroned in 2020 or even next year

    But who knows

  • Rymas 2k20

    Yes and no

    Look at 2010 and the decade was starting with a whole different tier of superstars. Kanye and Hov were running the game, Lil Wayne had an empire with two of the most promising young talents. Basically the superstars had proven themselves for the decade. Wayne and Ye pretty much cementing themselves at the top of the game for years and along the way had amassed great talent groups below them. Then ofc Rick Ross and MMG really started to take off so pretty much 3 massive groups with multiple stars on the roster and Drake was already destined for greatness everyone could tell.

    Now out of the 2010s there are two names which defined the decade and they are Future and Drake. However Drake has still failed to establish a truly massive and talented roster of protégés. Future is in the same boat. The two are working on their second collab which still won’t compare to WTT. Basically while they managed to be artistic leaders, they have not managed to become business leaders. The only other rappers left in the “superstar” category are Kendrick who is off doing his own stuff too and J Cole who is pretty much a niche artist.

    Then there are a small group of rappers a tier below but still undeniable stars from the decade, Young Thug, Uzi, and Travis Scott. Of these artists only Travis has actually tried to start something as a business man and it’s only just come around. Maybe he manages to break a star but it doesn’t seem likely.

    The rap game is no longer a hierarchy with the king pins and minions. It is now an ocean of creative talent

    i think it makes more sense to look at it as labels rather than artists

    you got the def jam side which is Jay-Z > Kanye > Cole > ???

    the interscope side which is 2Pac > Eminem > 50 Cent > Kendrick > Roddy and Keem up next

    then the universal/cash money side Wayne > Drake + Nicki > lowkey Young Thug > Gunna + Lil Baby, Keed, etc.

    sometimes an artist themselves might be able to sign their next protege if they're business minded like hov did with kanye, thug did with gunna and baby, drake tried to do w the weeknd

    but i think its rare for the artist themselves to have that mindset is what i'm saying. 9 times out of 10 its the label that plants the next superstar

  • don't see anyone out right now who realistically could

  • Eternal Steak

    Yes by Lil Keed in 2020

    Yall are actually ed

  • Tubig

    5 years a long ass time in the music industry.

  • by 2025 Drake is going to be almost 40 and will probably have dipped out of the music industry. wouldn't be surprised if he goes into acting again or other "business, man" type activities.

  • Eternal Steak

    Tbh he is so yes

    I think he's second under Gunna, but he still can't even outsell Gunna or Thug so it doesn't matter

  • I’m not sure who it’ll be, but I don’t see a true successor at the moment. Nobody’s as versatile as drake. Not only does he have melodies, like most pop stars, he has the lyrics too. Lyrics is what hold Travis back reaching his ultimate potential imo. Drake lyrics be hitting on some s*** you can relate to...I can’t say that about Travis.

    He’s also versatile in ways where he can do pop, spit bars on some boom bap s***, sing R&B, do reggae, and etc. He has the most complete skill set. Plus, he has the look and personality of a star.

    I’m anxious to see how Travis numbers look with no bundles. Post Malone is trending in the right direction I guess, but he hasn’t had the impact Drake has had on the culture. He’s moreover just in the pop lane at this point. But whatever.

  • “ As of right now i could see juice wrld taking his spot “

  • Honestly, I think Drake is gonna finish on top (commercial wise) by then. I do believe there's gonna be another artist that will come along and take over his spot a lot better tho

  • Spicy Nachos

    Same. Especially with Sicko Mode and HITR but there's just something holding Travis back that I can't quite put into words.

    its that non rap fans usually dont like him

    drake appeals to everyone, we'll never see anything like it

  • Spicy Nachos

    Interesting take

    You ever wonder why Drake has never took other rappers under his wings like Ye and Cole or even Thug?

    Because he doesn't care about the next generation. He knows that he can absorb the talent of younger artists and make hits with it and he rather do that. The younger artists are also not star material. Think PND or Majid Jordan, they are niche artists who are good songwriters but don't have the it factor.

  • iHype

    The fact Life Is Good is the biggest Rap/Hip-Hop hit released in 2020 so far

    The Box might have been released in 2019 but its definetely more of a 2020 hit than a 2019 hit. Cockblocked LIG out of #1 for like 10 weeks too.

  • As far every one s***ing there d*** ?

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