• Updated Aug 31, 2021

    I posted this in the Donda thread a few hours ago. From the Leak Site so these might not be 100% accurate


    credits to @sabsad for this:

    this is what i got earlier btw for proof

    this is every FLAC downloaded upon initial release inverted over every FLAC i downloaded earlier today, all in one bc i was too lazy to do all 27 separately

    you can see the changes were all in the 3kHz and below range (everything above is just white noise created by 27 different tracks playing on top of each other)

    will update when more changes are pushed through & i have access to the FLACs

    Jesus Lord

    • Wow there’s a stereo spread
      makes it sound so much more powerful

    • ye‘s vocals are also turned up
      his syllables are more aggressive possibly parrell compressed??
      sub bass sounds more percussive

    • claps are also more apparent

    • jay electronica
      has the same treatment as kanye’s

    • choir is also layered better

    • Larry Hoover jr
      is also mixed better


    • has a directional mixer
      the piano is now more present in the right channel
      vocals are either down the middle or to the left channel

    • vocals are now more visible in the mix

    Keep My Spirit Alive

    • Synths pads now turned up
      drums eq is better hi hats are more apparent

    • vocals after kaycyy’s need adjusting especially ye’s


    • Choir Has had Mike dean treatment
      eq is much better

    • also more on time with organ

    • choir is abruptly cut at the end (part they do at the end usually goes for another bar)


    • Guitars are layered so much better
      Kid Cudi is also sounding better compression wise

    • Kid Cudi’s adlibs are now more apparent

    • don is the same

    Heaven and Hell

    • Kanye is mixed better
      so is the bass

    • the choir drop doesn’t make you deaf anymore 📷

    • claps are more apparent and so is the kick drum

    We Made It

    • piano has better eq and has a stereo spread

    • pop smoke sounds awful

    Lord I Need You

    • bass is more visble choir is turned down a bit
      the pad synths low-key feel like drinking warm milk

    • the steel drum is now on beat

    • Kanye sounds better he could be turned up 2db

    Pure Souls

    • organ sounds better, turned down until Kanye’s verse
      then when Kanye comes in they added a sub bass

    • they added another organ when Kanye
      talks about feeding the clan
      automation on the synths

    • makes it sound great

    • 808s are mixed better so they don’t sound like a beginner edit

    • claps are also better but sound like midi

    • there is now delay on the women vocal
      with more reverb

    • organ is also more apparent in this section
      sounds like more adlibs where added

    No Child Left Behind

    • synths and pads are mixed a lot better
      sounds like there is another synth tucked under them all
      Sub bass is more visible

    • vocals are mixed very well, vory vocals sound like melted butter

    • kanye is now mixed with a touch of reverb


    • sounds like there is a bit crusher on Kanye’s vocal
      bass goes crazy
      organ is more or less the same

    • carti sounds so much better

    God Breathed

    • sub bass is tamed with a limiter
      bit crusher on Kanye vocals

    • vory sounds like he has Mike dean treatment

    • the sample from the OG now fits better
      choir now is not overtaking the whole mix
      due to there being a stereo spread adding more ceiling to it.

    • sounds like there is an additional bass in parts that sounds wet (yes that is a mixing term)
      underneath the sub

    • kanye vocals need heavy work

    Off the Grid

    • vocals haven’t changed very much
      instruments like drums and bass are more apparent

    • bass is tamed with a limiter and is not so dirty/distorted

    • Fivio is not overtaking the mix
      sounds like extra adlibs on some of his lyrics
      for example

    • ”if you got a voice then you gotta project it”
      has now got a double vocal

    • still Kanye mumble


    • sounds still like it’s got a clipping Issues on the intro
      Og beat is now mixed better with organ

    • hi hats are resampled

    • the weeknd sounds like he has more reverb

    • Kanye’s
      MmMM Mm mm

    • is now in time
      He sounds pretty quiet in the mix

    Praise God

    • 808s are no longer like This

    • Travis is mixed well
      especially his Adlibs

    • so is Donda‘s in to the night ( i think it’s more in time since it’s now solo without ye or trav saying it to)

    • hi hats are more apparent

    • Baby keem is still outside
      Jokes aside his vocals are more compressed, fitting better With The track


    • vory‘s hook is now eq’ed much better
      breathing synth vox thingy is now more apparent in the mix

    • heart beat Monitor is now mixed better so it doesn’t sound out of place

    • 808s bass resampled since they aren’t so intrusive they are more subby now

    • the telephone vocal outro thing transition is updated with a sweep

    • but still sounds out of place

    Ok Ok

    • Distorted 808s are now more apparent
      along with the detuned loop, it also stops and comes back into the instrumental

    • Kanye sounds like he has COVID but has a better mixed vocals

    • hums are now more in time with the bass
      he also sounds great.

    • lil yachty is now mixed better
      he has ad libs on ye‘s last verse

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  • Aug 30, 2021

    also "Mike dean treatment"

  • Aug 30, 2021

    TLOP, Pt. 2

  • Aug 30, 2021
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    Yeah but is any of this hearable to non nerds

  • Aug 30, 2021

    Yeah but is any of this hearable to non nerds

  • Aug 30, 2021

    Patch notes huh

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    I can’t wait till this is perfected

  • gbluecheez

    Yeah but is any of this hearable to non nerds

    Yes you should be able to if you’re not a pig

  • Aug 30, 2021
    Steady Mobbing

    I can’t wait till this is perfected

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    These updates are on streaming sites?

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    so do i need to redownload the album on apple music to hear them or what

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    When will it be updated with album art though

  • gare 🥪
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    Yeah but is any of this hearable to non nerds

    fr 👎 dorks

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    audio scientists ITT

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    Them mouse clicks gonna get taken out

  • Aug 30, 2021
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    audio scientists ITT

    Who tf are you??

  • Aug 30, 2021

    Yeah but is any of this hearable to non nerds


  • gare 🥪
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    pussy bacon

    Who tf are you??

    a nerd-ologist

  • Aug 30, 2021

    If you have it added to your library do you need to delete it and then re add it?

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  • Aug 30, 2021

    Yeah but is any of this hearable to non nerds

  • Aug 30, 2021
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    Them mouse clicks gonna get taken out

    Which song??

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    dont hear any of them here yet spotify/germany