• Aug 29, 2021

    (2/2) The best part is the reception for sure. Once people see that you have a plan and you're working hard to achieve it, they tend to gravitate to the journey. I have grown in numbers, my insta is up to 3400+ from 700 at the beginning of summer. Also my plays and monthly listeners have gone up on Spotify. Additionally, I think I have genuinely gotten better at making music. My former 'best' song Closure took me a while to make and I had the recurring thought that I might not best it. But I can genuinely say that I have made several songs that are on its level and above. I would recommend doing this highly! Just make sure to have a consistent studio or recording setup, somewhere to buy beats and cover art and make new music EVERYDAY! Thanks to anyone who has followed the journey. follow my insta @titusdmv to see my next steps! :​)

  • Aug 29, 2021

    Didn't see this thread until now. This is how Russ started making waves on blogs. Will have to go back and check them out!

    Do you think this helped you evolve as an artist?

    check my new posts!

  • titusdmv

    S*** yeah fs. I mostly find my beats on Youtube but I got a homie that makes beats also. What's your info so we can connect?

    Ig; @maztotheula