• Aug 13

    fuddruckers might be going out of business tho at least in the bay. all three of the locations i used to go to have all closed down.

    my only memory of fuddrcuckers was my brother pulling into the parking lot when it was raining too hard to drive home. never actually ate there and dont even know what they serve

  • Outback is the undisputed GOAT

  • Aug 13

    never went to olive garden growing up
    was surprised af at how good it is when I finally went

    kinda funny how dead outback by me always is yet theres always a wait at texas roadhouse
    as far as that tier of restaurants go cheddars is easily my fav and its one of the cheapest

  • Aug 13

    I had fuddruckers one time lmfaooo worst food of all time

  • quadra

    I'm keeping Chili's in business, proudly too
    The rest of those suck tho

  • Feel like all these chain restaurants are super hit or miss depending on the location. I generally like Chili's but I've also had the worst food ever at one in Houston

  • ?

  • Aug 13
    krishna bound

    i have no idea how long john silver's exists

    how were they even allowed to f***ing operate after this monstrosity

    got damn

  • i miss long johns whew. used to have a combo chain long johns/kfc. would get the 2 piece fish combo with a side of mac from kfc would smack

  • Maybe it's the childhood nostalgia, but Fuddruckers was a banger

  • Fuddruckers smacks. sad af it went out of business in my area