• Won all my bets today and the chiefs might lose and the clippers won great day to be in socal

  • Oh man i hope the team didn't get covid

  • Hope the guys are good and aren’t out for too long.

  • Jan 26

    Dam looks like we're going straight from 7W to 3L lol

    Although Mook will be back in the starting lineup and he can get going since on paper he will be the best player on the team

    Lou and Kennard will get a lot more playing time so maybe we will see the Pistons Kennard 19PPG sharp shooter

    Ibaka and Zu are still there so we're good

    Reggie is on fire recently

    Excited to see what Ty is cooking for us without 3/5 of our starting 5

  • DRose πŸ‘€

  • Jan 28

    DRose πŸ‘€


  • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    S/o Ibaka though

  • Jan 29


    We on a roll

  • Jan 31

    Legit Kawhi + PG are playing like the best duo in the NBA rn

    Kawhi and PG cannot play any better

    We're sooo in control when they are on the floor

    I love it

  • Jan 31

    Another dub

  • Love how Reggie is playing.

  • Feb 1

    Love how Reggie is playing.


    I've been saying this before this season and It starts to turn true:

    Reggie can be a starting PG on a contender if he's treated like one instead of a guy that's supposed to just fill in some minutes with the second unit

    Do I still think Reggie should start over Pat? Nah... PatBev makes our starting unit lethal

    But if we give a bigger role to Reggie and let him play with the starters in can befit everyone

    You can just see that with the second (or even sometimes third) unit he tries to get younger guys going but when he's plugged in the starting 5 with PG, Kawhi and Ibaka he can be himself and shoot a three on one play and then push the pace and get the ball moving

    Dude started 82/82 games for Detroit like two years ago... dam

  • meh

    We need Ibaka and Zu to step up when we're playing small teams but maybe that's on Ty

    rematch Feb 21 and this time we're taking the W

  • Feb 4

    8-9 from 3 for PG πŸ”₯

    59% from 3 as a team πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

    Dudley gained 3 pounds πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  • aloe


    this mfer

  • Feb 6

    God pls don't let PG be out I need this man to play to remain at peace in this life

  • Pre game hype! We're gonna win this revenge game

  • @op got some updating to do

  • bruh

  • On to the next one

  • Feb 23

    @op got some updating to do

    sorry I've been off KTT lately

  • Feb 26

    Would have beat Memphis if we made shots. That's the way it goes sometimes.

    Any of y'all on Clippers Twitter?


    Would have beat Memphis if we made shots. That's the way it goes sometimes.

    Any of y'all on Clippers Twitter?

    It's been like that way too many times now s*** is getting out of hand. And no not really that justin russo guy on twitter is funny though

  • We gotta do some cutting man im sorry reggie is to inconsistent and lou don't play defense

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