• crazy if true

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    eminem jewish ?

    Na nigga white tho lmao

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    This gotta be the dumbest post I’ve ever seen. Wale doesn’t make nearly as good of music as drake does

  • Jan 28

    How yall let me run it down here?
    Im not even from around here

    i know theres a lotta ppl on here that are foreign (in terms of usa pov) but people forget how deep and "put on for home team" usa is and especially rap

    if a usa rapper came out with a similar album to the one in 2010 it would have been taken different in terms of talk/reception in the genre, even with all the singing and "soft" hangups of the time - at least to some degree

    Drake also having a connect already in usa with his dads family plus being in touch with Rap royalty of Rap-A-Lot did help him "survuve" a lot and was smart, which part of why foreign rappers didnt work beforehand because they had no base and no "helping hand/cosign" like Drake was able to achive.

    Multiple reasons made Drake able to succeed in the in, & imo it was his connect to Rap-A-Lot the most - at least state wise, which also would help with Lil Wayne taking him serious with his connect too out & the industry in general with respects to them as well.

    TL:DR: Rap-A-LOT a top GOAT and Scarface top 10

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    Jan 28
    Warren Peace

    MJ’s most known, highest-selling singles and album (Thriller) were released pre-vitiligo when he was still a brown skinned black man

    if anything, his success decreased (though not by a great deal) starting w the Bad era once he got lighter. so he is not a good example of this

    bro what are u talking about lol

  • Jan 28

    i kno bt the line makes no sense

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