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    Blessings Ktt Fam
    I've worked on my first sci fi novel called Total Calamity Robot about a decade ago while in high school. I finished it early last year and decided to take a year break and focus on my next work which was power rangers inspired called Wing Ace V. A team of young black adults from all walks of life, working together to defeat an interstellar army empire. I always wanted to create a power rangers themed story but more mature and with characters that look like me. I just wanted to show off some artwork the artists I've been working with created, and share that this as my next big focus to keep going until finished. When my artist finishes the artwork book cover to the first volume as shown below, I'm back in writing mode.

    You can see the rest of the artwork with more coming down the line:

    If you are interested in my first novel, Total Calamity Robot which is sci fi action adventure themed, The first 13 books are available on Kindle for ebook only. Although it is finished, publishing the rest is a bit of a financial issue since I want the best artwork cover possible so I put it on hold for the time being.

    Here’s artwork to my first novel if you're interested

    Noted although I didn't hand draw this art, I was definitely behind the overall blueprint design of it all while working with these amazing artists.

  • that concept art and logo are sick

  • Good luck to you b. I dig the artwork

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  • Title sounds fcking assume dude

  • Apr 28

    Book is up on Amazon Kindle in ebook format. I thank you if you're willing to support and leave a review, good or bad I'll take it all.

    Wing Ace V: Volume 1