• Oct 29, 2023

    Take a look at below authors, you might like them.

    Paul Celan
    Rainer Maria Rilke
    Charles Baudelaire
    Robert R Frost(The Road Not Taken & Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening on of my favorites)
    Philip Larkin(Aubade, amazing poem about death)


    thank u! appreciate it!

  • Nov 1, 2023

  • Nov 1, 2023

    The war against the night is waged
    with double sided swords
    and scrap iron shields fashioned
    from pitch black iron maidens
    wound self inflicters
    breaking my own skin
    drawing my own blood
    with each futile movement
    for the night is eternal
    its time is assured
    a thousand slashes swung
    and a hundred blocked shots
    could never keep it away
    but human flesh knows expiration
    greatly hastened by neglection
    and the art of selfish sacrifice
    so I walk barefoot on broken bottles
    like lily pads to cross a current
    with the water turned to whiskey
    bloody red soles stinging
    dried pink lips cracking
    as I run my tongue around
    my chapped mouth and taste metal
    as I look and move around
    the world I’ve made and feel shame
    and confusion because I’m lost
    battered, broken, nameless
    in the barren rolling vastness
    of my very own domain

  • Nov 2, 2023

    sometimes i lie
    awake but still in bed
    and let all that I’ve seen
    dance inside my head

    eyes shut tightly
    but I see all of them
    people plucked from memories
    here I call on them

    here I ask things
    left unsaid in the past
    words never fully formed
    messages unsent

    “Was it worth it?”
    I ask the one woman
    sat spreading tarot cards
    her face just like mine

    “Was it my fault?”
    I ask the young boy
    the one I’m bonded with
    the one left behind

    “Why’d you do it?”
    I ask the old lady
    lying asleep in bed
    a dog at each foot

    “What did I do?”
    I ask the pretty girl
    dancing at the party
    to her favorite songs

    these images
    ephemeral vignettes
    projected on eyelids
    so I can’t forget

    eyes still shut tight
    my tired consciousness drifts
    off, back into slumber
    bringing dreams with it

    in my dreamland
    a parallel present
    sits frozen in stasis
    waiting just for me

    one where I’m not
    perpetually pleading
    for fictitious answers
    from familiar phantoms

  • Nov 3, 2023

    the velocity of love
    is an unknown variable
    only visible
    in the rear view

    the reflection of
    a former reality
    rendered obsolete
    by its creators

    a life deconstructed
    to carve out a path
    and pave out a road
    in its empty wake

    the road is a bridge
    from a one horse town
    to a glittering city of
    nascent relationships

  • Nov 16, 2023

    days of being lost
    so many dial ups
    so much sunken cost
    the warrior in his house
    among the coconuts
    his hotness the blossoming lotus
    his friendship with the mosquitoes
    his life a nuance in experience
    conceptualise a mountain on a palm
    conceptualise a dust mote on the sun
    the rain eternal is what it is
    the rain is what it becomes
    less disdain in the eyes of the captor
    less disdain becomes favour over time
    less disdain with the hotness of fever
    blessed but not for less to arrive
    the culprit is out there and yet
    there's still time
    to sing about nothing on the sand
    in the gloomy outlines of a cell
    an amoeba sitting on the dunes
    breaking waves... sullen

  • Emu 🇮🇱
    Dec 2, 2023

    “Have patience with everything that remains unsolved in your heart.

    Live in the question.”

    ― Rainer Maria Rilke

  • Emu 🇮🇱
    Dec 13, 2023
  • Emu 🇮🇱
    Dec 14, 2023

  • Dec 22, 2023

    waiting...can you write me a poem

  • Dec 26, 2023

    I agreed with Kanye’s Nazi rhetoric
    Just to feel excited again
    I started beefs when I’ve already deaded them
    Just to feel excited again
    This is the soup of our modern existence
    I’ve added so much Tapatio that I don’t even know what the original soup was
    It feels like my own friends want to sell me smoke the way that Snoop does
    And I’ll crawl into a TikTok and die some day
    Excited to be part of the end
    While secretly praying for reincarnation

  • Down by the salley gardens
    my love and I did meet;
    She passed the salley gardens
    with little snow-white feet.
    She bid me take love easy,
    as the leaves grow on the tree;
    But I, being young and foolish,
    with her would not agree.

    In a field by the river
    my love and I did stand,
    And on my leaning shoulder
    she laid her snow-white hand.
    She bid me take life easy,
    as the grass grows on the weirs;
    But I was young and foolish,
    and now am full of tears.