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    Was talking about this

    This was quite a juvenile response tbh, like the type of joke you make in high school or as a freshman in university. But as a 30 yr old man??

  • Josuke Higashikata

    This so accurate it hurts. S*** legit bottom cut off the album and nigga was like make that a single.

  • Gordonson

    This only being from last January has me f***ed up lol, everything about this video feels like some 'outdated but not old enough to be nostalgic' trendy s***.

  • Flizzy new hair

    TESTING is good but not this song


    This song so hard

  • N 2 Deep

    new level by ferg

    I don't like ferg all like that but new level is fire

  • Imagine if nah nah nah was a donda lead single

  • youngpablitode62

    Imagine if nah nah nah was a donda lead single

    Dudes here pretend like they weren’t roasting the s*** out of LP1, they would probably just ignore it.

  • Josuke Higashikata

    I'm upset is actually the only song off scorpion I still have in rotation lol

  • miLLy 2 siLLy

    tisa should have kept this for himself

    the reaction to this song wouldve been a complete 180 to what it is if it was Tisa ft Chance

  • Didn’t even make the album

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