• Prez

    Fox gets some afc games and cbs gets some NFC games now, they’ve blurred the lines a fair amount

    For sure. It’s still the vast majority of Pats non-prime time games are on CBS tho

    (Lowkey I prefer cbs cause Fox has horrible reception for my antenna where I live…I still use antenna cause I literally have no use for live tv outside of Pats game lol)

  • May 15

  • May 17

    congrats to Vince Wilfork on being inducted into the Patriots Hall of Fame

  • May 21
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    Can't wait for the season to start

  • hyphy03

    Can't wait for the season to start

    I’m excited to see Mac’s progress. I’ve heard a lot of good things.

  • Jun 6
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  • Cross Guild Nayuta

  • Jun 22
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  • 😭😭

  • Jay34

    Wild that it really doesn’t feel like they’ve been gone for that long

  • Jul 1
    Cross Guild Nayuta

    Ain’t no f***ing way

  • This red Judon jersey gonna slap

  • Nice to see Trent Brown is back on the left side of the line

  • One of the more surprising things I’ve heard so far from camp is that JoeJuan Williams seems to be doing well. I thought he was a cut candidate based on last season tbh. We’ll see how he does in preseason though.

    Also our depth at CB is not good lmao

  • Jul 31

    Tried to find vids of tyquon from camp but im not having much luck

    At least devante seems to be meshing well so far

  • If Mac really has taken a step this offseason, then we definitely have the talent on offense to move the sticks and score. Biggest problem on that side of the ball is that our depth on the O Line is absolutely terrifying.

    But the biggest problem by far is our defense. We already had big problems there last year (as seen in the Wild Card game), and we lost one of the top 10 best defensive players from last season.

    I’m concerned that if we fall behind (and there’s a lotttt of elite offenses in the AFC that can hit home runs very easily) we don’t have an offense built to play in a shootout.

    We’ll see though, Bill always pulls s*** out of his hat.