• And why?

    A few interesting ones if you got time to kill:

    • Building of the Pyramids - Approximately 4,000 years ago
      For years, scientists and explorers have debated over the question: How did the Egyptians build the pyramids? Calculations show that a stone weighting 2.5 tons had to be moved up the pyramid every 1 to 2 minutes, so that it could be finished in a maximum of 20 years. There are no existing records of building plans or discussions of construction methods, so no one knows exactly what happened. The very fact that this subject is so familiar, and yet so little is accurately known about it, makes it all the more enticing.

    • Landing on the moon - 20th July 1969
      Although this did prove to be a “giant leap for mankind”, it is a disputed event to this day, with its impact far greater than anyone could have thought in that era. In the words of William Bainbridge, the Apollo Mission was “a grand attempt to reach beyond the world of mundane life and transcend the ordinary limits of human existence through accomplishment of the miraculous”.

    • Wright Brothers first successful flight - 17th December 1903
      After many failed attempts, the Wright brothers in their disappointment predicted that man will probably not fly in their lifetime. But luck and history was on their side, and on that fateful day, Orville Wright took the "Flyer" for a 12-second, sustained flight. This was the first successful, powered, piloted flight in history. The genius of Wilbur and Orville lay not only in the singular act of getting a flying machine into the air, but also in the approach they evolved and employed to create the technology of flight.

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  • Initial nuclear weapon testing at Alamos laboratory, and subsequent used in Japan during ww2

    Mass extinction event that killed the dinosaurs…

    Bay of Pigs

  • Aliens

  • Shooting of High School Musical 3

  • A bunch but off the top

    1) Christopher Columbus landing in West Indies

    2) Alexander the Great invading India or cutting the Gordian knot if it happened

    3) Titanic hitting iceberg

    4) MLK I have a dream speech

    5) Yalta conference

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    Steve Carell

    Shooting of High School Musical 3

    Glad the sentence didn't go the way I thought it would after the first word

  • PRAIA_

    Glad the sentence didn't go the way I thought it would after the first word

  • Kobe 81 points

  • TLOP listening party

  • roswell could be neat

  • all of them

  • Need that french revolution p****.

  • Inb4 mass extinctions

  • Up in Smoke Tour

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    January 6th

  • Lincoln assassination I wanna see how far that hat flew off his head

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    17th century New Orleans epidemic
    Macabre Mardi Gras

  • Glow in the dark tour
    WTT tour

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    AR 15

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  • the big bang

  • adam and eve

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    January 6th


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    The first creature to crawl out and make the initial transition from the ocean

  • pyramids