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    Dec 26, 2021
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    Listening. (Rushed)

    She hears me
    But she never listens
    My pleas fall on deaf ears
    The seasons change
    She never does.
    She’s always summer
    When I prefer winter
    I compromise for fall
    the nights only get hotter
    She remains summer
    I weep for colder days
    Her humidity I can’t sustain

    She hears me
    But she never listens
    I beg for snow
    She gives me thunderstorms
    She gives me clouds
    But not the ones I asked for

    Summer & Winter can never be
    A truth we can both agree
    I tell her there’s a season
    Where we can both find peace
    So she finds her Spring
    But not before Winter ended
    In the end she finally listened

    I love this so much

  • Nuja 💊
    Dec 26, 2021

    I love this so much



    in case yall wanna ring in the new year with something. I'm in this

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    big steppy larmita

    in case yall wanna ring in the new year with something. I'm in this

    will check it out. good work

  • best poster

    will check it out. good work

    Salute homie

  • @op update thread, new prompt “new year” or “resolution”

  • hope op is okay

  • Smelting butterflies to ingots
    That I might hold them still
    Vulcanizing iridescence
    Knowing any touch could kill
    Just to write the effervescent
    Pouring amber on your flutter
    In this immolated moment
    While it ashes to another

  • Jan 18
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    come back op! 🙏🙏

  • arrrg

    come back op! 🙏🙏

  • Anybody got an idea for a theme?

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    Mar 5

    come back op! 🙏🙏

  • Who’s a mod of this sxn

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    Apr 5

    Currently reading Helium by Rudy Fransisco. I really like his stuff

  • Nuja 💊
    Apr 6


    Today I took a hit from a joint
    I found myself higher than I’ve ever been
    Instead of rolling the joint with marijuana
    I rolled it with every piece of you I love

    I stuffed it with your laughter
    I stuffed it with your smile
    I stuffed it with with your personality
    I stuffed it with your quirkiness
    I stuffed it with your faults
    I stuffed it with your intelligence
    I stuffed it with your beauty
    I stuffed it with your pain
    I stuffed it with your fortitude

    I stuffed this joint with your entirety
    Because you see, there isn’t a part of you
    Not one part that doesn’t get me high
    You give me euphoria no other strain can
    Your potency is unmatched

    I look forward to my first toke
    I can taste your sweetness immediately
    An aroma fills the air quite like no other
    I lay back and close my eyes as I ascend
    It’s as if I’m ascending to heaven.
    there are no spirits in the clouds
    There are no angels in the clouds
    Only you, beautiful as you’ve ever been
    But your glow is different, truly divine
    I thank God for creating such beauty
    Beyond words, beyond comprehension
    You are happiness, you are love

    I ascend closer to you I’m more blissful
    I feel entirely euphoric. Is this happiness?
    I get closer, but you’re still out of reach
    I keep ascending and you get further away
    Am I not ready to reach you yet?
    Do you not want to be reached?
    Is this high not ready to meet its peak?

    Maybe this is the peak. Was i a fool?
    This may be the best it gets for me
    No matter how many hits I take
    I can’t reach you
    And even so I’m content
    Because I’ve never felt better
    Except within your presence

    The come down will be the hardest
    I’m not afraid of hitting the ground
    It would all be over in an instant
    And when I reincarnate I will find you
    I will search for you in any life
    I will cherish you in any form
    No matter how you present yourself
    You will always be my perfect high

  • awwww i thought this s*** was ACTIVE F***

  • someone make a new thread, it'll actually give me an excuse to write s***

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