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    Aug 6

    Thread is wild

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    does that mean c*******into my sock is immoral, it could have been a baby but now its just a stain

    very different

  • americana

    The correct moral answer is to allow each person the ability to follow their beliefs


  • Y0rn

    So if kick your pregnant wife in the stomach and the 8 month old baby dies its moral?

    If she consents to that kind of an abortion because she can’t access a safe and effective abortion call me Jackie mf Chan.

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    The correct moral answer is to allow each person the ability to follow their beliefs

    Unless their morals are immoral.

  • americana 🏴‍☠️
    Aug 6
    Tiny Drawls DOOM

    Unless their morals are immoral.


  • I don’t think abortion has anything to do with morals. People just like to unnecessarily make things moral issues.

  • Steak

    very different

    Not really. It’s still under the same umbrella of “what it can become”

    Just because you’re pregnant with a fetus that doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll be born a healthy baby even without any interference. There’s no point in assuming every pregnancy = living human.

    Jerking off into a sock isn’t murder. Women getting rid of eggs during their period isn’t murder. Abortion isn’t murder. None of these things were guaranteed to generate a living human.

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    that's a very good point

    my thought process is

    if thinking "abortion is murder" = moral

    but killing abortionists before they kill again = not moral

    thinking "abortion is murder" = only moral if you treat it as less serious as "real murder?"

    but of course this opinion basically covers the overton window, so i suspect it must be the most stable "Truth" for the good of society

    and as you say, is basically the same thought process justifying other nonconsensual deprivations of life while retaining a deep societal repulsion towards Murder (until Chief Keef came out that is)


  • Aug 7
    PARTY Gets Me Wetr

    Lemme tell you, I ride the bus and I see single mothers with 3 kids looking sorrowful all the time. The fear of broke parenthood should be enough to make you have responsible s***or get an abortion

    If preventing my future children from being born into struggle makes me a murderer, then screw it, tattoo some tears on my face

    adversity builds character

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    Thank you

  • DZE

    Murder is the unlawful killing of another so I guess the question becomes what is the morality of the law and do laws actually serve to properly express morality.

    I suppose that all comes back to where you stand on the spectrum of absolute vs relative morality. Which given your last sentence it seems to you to be relative

    I suppose I agree that I have a rather relativistic view of morality

    But I’m trying to describe how society
    actually functions in practice

    And if an absolute morality does exist, it doesn’t seem to have sufficient clout to be enforced in our democratic society

  • soapmanwun

    only 3 types of murder (terminating another life) should be legal imo

    1. abortion
    2. euthanasia for those that request it
    3. self defense

    these will allow the most freedom to individuals while also respecting the sanctity of human life

    In that case I don’t think those things are murder if they are acceptable

    I know this is tautological but

    Murder is an inherently legalistic term to describe killings that deserve the strongest sanctioning of society

    Self-defense is quite literally treated as not murder by courts and by public opinion

    Ergo what the question becomes is “What killings qualify as murder, and when is it immoral to believe that something is murder or to take steps to treat it as such”

  • Scratchin Mamba

    Well first you would have to ask if it's the thought that's immoral or the acts that (a lot not all) people commit based on that thought is

    Which would make me answer ur question with another question is THOUGHT POLICE immoral

    Literally 1984?

    I guess I ask myself, what is a belief? Where is the demarcation between belief and action? What of the immorality in inaction based on a belief? (I.e if Texans believed abortion was murder so didn’t protest if the governor allowed people to perform summary executions on abortionists)

    What is incitement? What is an imminent threat of bodily harm? When does imminence become embodied in the culpability of the perpetrator?