• I was originally planning on a new thread as part of my ‘MJ Innocent’ series on February 24th as that was the planned date for Wade Robson’s summary judgement, which basically means he could’ve been thrown out of court again. Sadly, one of the lawyers for MJs Estate, Jon Steinsapir, lost his daughter, so it has been postponed, understandably.

    I thought in its place, why not delve into the other half of Leaving Neverland and into James Safechuck. The first part around Wade Robson, failed choreographer, is available here:

    James was the focus of my ‘October 2020’ update thread, as he was thrown out of court, but I’ve never really delved into his story.

    I’m going to try a new format and try make this as clear and concise as possible. Please bear with me!

    The lawsuit origins.

    Wade Robson filed, under seal, that he was sexually abused in May 2013. Originally under seal hoping to get a quick payoff, TMZ discovered the lawsuit & suddenly Wade was a beacon of hope for all victims worldwide after his dwindling career came to a crashing halt.

    But, alas, this thread is about Safechuck. His parents were hit with a huge, million dollar lawsuit in April 2013. Just before Wade’s quest to steal from Michael’s children began. -

    James was a shareholder, owning 1,125 shares with his wife and was served shortly after for being part of the conspiracy -

    James joined Wade’s lawsuit a year later in May of 2014. Funnily enough, Robson told the court they met up, without lawyers, around this exact time.

    Dan Reed however, the director, told everyone that he brought James and Wade together at Sundance for the very first time, and they were just two sweet, poor victims getting their voice heard. Wade’s original story tells something different. -

    Interesting start.

    ‘‘At the train station, there’s a room upstairs. We would have s***up there too.’’

    This is probably the most notorious statement of the 4 hour movie. Reason being, from the very outset, Safechuck claimed he was abused from 1988, until 1992. The only catch, is that this Neverland train station, that he so vividly and confidently describes as being a location for them having s***was not even built until 1993. A whole year after MJ ‘abandoned’ him. How can you so confidently and vividly describe this abuse in a building that didn’t exist at the time?

    Here’s what the train station looked like in 1993:

    The building didn’t even get a permit for construction until September 2nd 1993 -

    Here’s Safechuck’s sworn declaration in 2015 detailing his abuse from 1988 - 1992 -

    Dan Reed, himself, saying the subject of his horrific and chilling documentary is just plain wrong about his so called 'abuse' -

    How did the big bad, evil, Michael Jackson molest James Safechuck in a building that didn’t exist?

    MJ and Safechuck were so ‘in love’ they even got married.

    In Leaving Neverland, one of the most ‘shocking’ scenes (according to the press, anyway) was Safechuck holding supposed ‘rings’ that MJ had given him. James filmed this scene months after the original shooting, as described by director Dan Reed as a ‘pickup’ shot. This is also evidenced by AirBnB reviews Reed left on the property, 17 months apart. Safechuck never mentioned rings in his court filings & was found to be shopping on Etsy for men’s rings. The account mysteriously vanished once discovered.

    Here is Safechuck’s Etsy account, created with the same @ as his now defunct Twitter account -

    In that video you’ll see his folder, with photo’s of bracelets similar to what MJ would wear:

    This scene was shot over the space of 17 months, but edited carefully to look like a single scene. Check the bushes behind the glass door -

    Why shoot only that, according to the director himself, 17 months later? Staged for more drama?

    And here’s Reed’s airbnb reviews showing the time difference:

    It wouldn’t surprise me if this is another claim stolen from Victor Gutierrez’s book (NAMBLA member who tried to use MJ as the ‘pedo poster boy’ to normalise it).

    Here’s the book and Safechuck’s court transcript -

    People will use the CCTV footage from Zales (the store in question) and tell you how ‘sick and disturbing it is’ when Safechuck himself, said nothing happened that day -

    Here’s a picture with an article from 1989 explaining nothing was bought that day -

    ‘Michael is a bad man’.

    James has said he spoke to his mother in 2005, only telling her Michael was a ‘bad man’.

    His mother is in Leaving Neverland laughing and smiling saying she’s glad she found out he’d passed away in 2009 because he can’t hurt any more children. She was ‘so happy’ he was dead.

    Yet, in his opposition to demurrer in December 2014, (2-3 years before shooting the movie) his story is that he needed therapy to understand it was wrong and he was abused. Only once he saw Wade on TV, 2 days after his family was sued, did he seek ‘therapy’ to gain this knowledge. -

    Which one is it?

    Thanksgiving, 1987.

    So, we know by now Michael Jackson is talented, at everything he does. He’s so talented as the ‘world’s most prolific pedophile’ he can molest his victims in buildings that don’t even exist.

    Michael and the Safechuck's would often speak on the phone. One of these phone calls takes place on Thanksgiving Day, 1987. The phone call, as described by the Safechuck’s in court, went as follows -

    So, Michael went over to the Safechuck’s house and they all spent Thanksgiving together. Great.

    Only issue is Michael was in the middle of the Brisbane leg on his Bad World Tour. Oops.

    Robson's version of events painted MJ in Brisbane judging a dance competition.

    As Rod Serling says in the very last studio album track Michael released in his lifetime, Threatened, - ‘This particular monster can read minds, be in two places at the same time’. Fitting.

    So, Michael's abusing James in buildings that do not exist, time travelling and whatever else James' imagination can come up with in this ever evolving timeline that even the director of this movie is disagreeing with.

    There’s so much more to say, so many more lies, but I hope you get the point by now and continue to see, or even for the first time, that there is another side to this and that just because someone is saying they’re a victim or being graphic with their story telling, it doesn’t make it true.

    There is no conjecture here, no story-telling, it’s just court documents, photographs and planning permissions.

    Oh and, finally, if you ever felt the reaction to Leaving Neverland in the media all felt the same, it’s because it was. It was distributed by Kew Media Group, who published a kit with all the best buzz-words to use and how to critique the film. Here is a thread showing the press pack itself, and the mirrored ‘distressed’ journalists who report on the movie.

    ‘Lies run sprints, but the truth runs marathons - Michael Jackson

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    Cant read atm but MJ innocent

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  • KingOfPop protest too much, methinks

  • I have a feeling that MJ was one of the few celebrity elite that weren’t dirty. If anything, he was completely misunderstood

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    Cant read atm but MJ innocent

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    mj was just a weird ass dude man he wasnt f***ing any kids idk how much more obvious it could get

    mj slander is sickening

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    mj was just a weird ass dude man he wasnt f***ing any kids idk how much more obvious it could get

    mj slander is sickening

    Elites were kicking back and laughing dragging that man through the mud while they chilled on pedo island

    Hell, most people already stopped caring about Epstein and the Lolita express

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    At this point I just need a sit down 60 minutes style interview with OP to breakdown their relation to Michael as an artist n why they devote such time & energy to this specific thing 95% of people been made up their mind about alrdy

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