• Nudies
    Uniqlo boxy t shirts
    Apc flannels

  • lil ufo

    I think there was much more versatility back then, like not everyone was trying to dress designer therefore they would bring whatever they had at home, some had nerd clothes, some had plain basic clothes, some had thrift clothes bought their parents and so on, those styles had more personality because they were brought on by their limited resources and choices.

    I think todays fashion is centralised by places like tiktok and instagram, especially with the grwm trends, before this people would actually use their own mind to come up with a fit, now they just let a random tiktok influencer tell them what and how should they dress.
    But hey maybe I’m just getting old, I haven’t changed my style since I acquired it 10 years ago.

    I feel like a lot more thrifting was going on and it was a big part of personal fashion, now thrifting anything good is completely different

    But then again when I was in high school everyone was wearing khakis, grey hoodies with a flannel over it, and a snapback with Nikes and too many huf weed socks