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    Updated Aug 12

    TV & Film sxn votes on their favorite anime or best anime of all time in this bracket. Pick your favs, pick what you think is best, whatever criteria you wish. One anime will be crowned the king of them all.

    Voting: When I post a new matchup, post in the thread which show you are voting for. I will tally up the votes and the winner will advance to the next round. (Mercy rule: If a show is losing by 10+ votes the match will be concluded sooner than later and the figurative towel will be thrown in.)

    Anime: These anime were selected and included in the bracket after a series of polls in the anime thread and few other places on KTT. We had to keep it to 64, so some unfortunately didn't make the cut. This just for fun entertainment purposes and we probably got a good combination of the relevant, popular, highly acclaimed, etc anime in these 64.


    Winner: Yu Yu Hakusho

    Yu Yu Hakusho




    • Yu Yu Hakusho vs Samurai Champloo; Winner: Yu Yu Hakusho (17-7) 79

    Semi Finals

    • Yu Yu Hakusho vs Perfect Blue; Winner: Yu Yu Hakusho (11-4) 77
    • Jojo's Bizarre Adventure vs Samurai Champloo; Winner: Champloo (18-12) 78

    Top 8

    • Yu Yu Hakusho vs Kill la Kill; Winner: Yu Yu Hakusho 69
    • Spirited Away vs Perfect Blue; Winner: Perfect Blue (11-8) 73
    • Monogatari Series vs Jojo's Bizarre Adventure; Winner: Jojo's (14-9) 74
    • Dragon Ball Z vs Samurai Champloo; Winner: Champloo (14-11) 75

    Top 16

    • Neon Genesis Evangelion vs Yu Yu Hakusho; Winner: YYH (16-15) 55
    • Code Geass vs Kill La Kill; Winner: Kill la Kill (13-9) 57
    • Rent A Girlfriend vs Spirited Away; Winner: Spirited Away (9-7) 60
    • Perfect Blue vs A Silent Voice; Winner: Perfect Blue (8-5) 61
    • Monogatari Series vs Golden Boy; Winner: Monogatari (13-7) 62
    • Jojo's Bizarre Adventure vs Full Metal Alchemist; Winner: Jojo's (13-11) 64
    • Dragon Ball Z vs Gurren Lagann; Winner: DBZ (15-11) 65
    • Attack On Titan vs Samurai Champloo; Winner: Champloo (16-14) 67

    Round 2

    • Neon Genesis Evangelion vs Grand Blue Dreaming; Winner: NGE (11-3) 32
    • Yu Yu Hakusho vs Berserk; Winner: (15-5) 33
    • Code Geass vs One Piece; Winner: Code Geass (8-7) 34
    • Kill la Kill vs Ping Pong The Animation; Winner: KLK (9-5) 34
    • Rent A Girlfriend vs Ghost In The Shell; Winner: RAG (10-5) 35
    • Violet Evergarden vs Spirited Away; Winner: Spirited Away (8-6) 37
    • Hunter x Hunter vs Perfect Blue; Winner: Perfect Blue (9-8) 38
    • A Silent Voice vs Princess Mononoke; Winner: A Silent Voice (11-10) 39
    • Monogatari Series vs Legend Of The Galactic Heroes; Winner: Monogatari (9-2) 41
    • Golden Boy vs 86; Winner: Golden Boy (10-6) 42
    • Jojo's Bizzare Adventure vs Steins;Gate; Winner: Jojo's (10-9) 44
    • Full Metal Alchemist vs Cowboy Bebop; Winner: FMA (16-8) 45
    • My Dress Up Darling vs Dragon Ball Z; Winner: DBZ (21-11) 47
    • Made In Abyss vs Gurren Lagann; Winner: TTGL (12-4) 50
    • Attack On Titan vs Vinland Saga; Winner: AOT (10-7) 50
    • Samurai Champloo vs Quintessential Quintuplets; Winner: Samurai Champloo (16-8) 53

    Round 1

    • Neon Genesis Evangelion vs Nana; Winner:Neon Genesis Evangelion (11-4) 3
    • Grand Blue Dreaming vs One Punch Man; Winner: Grand Blue Dreaming (10-5) 4
    • Yu Yu Hakusho vs Jujutsu Kaisen; Winner: Yu Yu Hakusho (15-5) 5
    • Berserk vs Great Teacher Onizuka; Winner: Berserk (9-2) 7
    • Code Geass vs Spy x Family; Winner: Code Geass (12-3) 8
    • Megalo Box vs One Piece; Winner: One Piece (5-4) 9
    • Kill La Kill vs Akira; Winner: Kill la Kill (11-4) 10
    • Ping Pong The Animation vs Welcome To The NHK; Winner: Ping Pong The Animation (6-2) 11
    • Rent A Girlfriend vs Black Lagoon; Winner: Rent A Girlfriend (6-4) 12
    • Ghost In The Shell vs Run With The Wind; Winner: Ghost In The Shell (10-7) 12
    • Bleach vs Violet Evergarden; Winner: Violet Evergarden (8-7) 15
    • Clannad vs Spirited Away; Winner: Spirited Away (7-2) 16
    • Hunter x Hunter vs Puella Magi Madoka Magica; Winner: 16
    • Perfect Blue vs Great Pretender; Winner: Perfect Blue (7-1) 18
    • A Silent Voice vs Gintama; Winner: A Silent Voice (6-1) 19
    • Komi Can't Communicate vs Princess Mononoke; Winner: 19
    • Monogatari Series vs Fruits Baskets; Winner: Monogatari (9-3) 20
    • Dragon Ball vs Legend Of The Galactic Heroes; Winner: LOTGH (7-6) 20
    • Golden Boy vs Haikyu!!; Winner: Golden Boy (8-4) 21
    • 86 Eighty-Six vs Naruto Shippuden; Winner: 86 (6-5) 22
    • Jojo's Bizzare Adventure vs Devilman Crybaby; Winner: Jojo's (9-3) 22
    • Mob Psycho 100 vs Steins; Gate; Winner: Steins;Gate (10-8) 23
    • Full Metal Alchemist vs Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War; Winner: FMA (8-3) 24
    • Cowboy Bebop vs Mobile Suit Gundam; Winner: Cowboy Bebop (10-3) 25
    • My Dress-Up Darling vs Demon Slayer; Winner: My Dress Up Darling (8-6) 25
    • Dragon Ball Z vs Chihayafuru; Winner: DBZ (9-7) 26
    • Made In Abyss vs Iron Blooded Orphans; Winner: Made In Abyss (5-2) 27
    • Gurren Lagann vs Grave Of The Fireflies; Winner: Gurren Lagann (8-4) 27
    • Attack On Titan vs Naruto; Winner: AOT (15-12) 28
    • Vinland Saga vs Darling In The Franxx; Winner: Vinland Saga (9-6) 30
    • Death Note vs Samurai Champloo; Winner: Samurai Champloo (16-6) PG 1
    • Quintessential Quintuplets vs Paranoia Agent; Winner: QQ (7-1) 31

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  • Nayuta 馃惂
    Jul 5

    Won't start in order just to give us something interesting right off the bat, so we begin with round 1.

    Death Note



    Samurai Champloo


  • F***

    I'm voting for Death Note

    But both are two of the best anime ever

  • proper 馃敥
    Jul 5

    samurai champloo

  • Posting winner in Anime Thread of course

  • Samurai Champloo

  • Jul 5

    death note

  • proper 馃敥
    Jul 5

    wait you鈥檙e the op of the G&G bracket thread too

  • Samurai Champloo is my vote

    Death Note falls with a main character death

  • Champloo soundtrack so good

  • proper 馃敥
    Jul 5

    oh f*** all the non anime thread posters bout to vote for ghost in the shell cause they don鈥檛 know what run w the wind is

  • Jul 5
    1 reply

    This is the most depressing anime bracket I've ever seen

  • Tranquility

    This is the most depressing anime bracket I've ever seen

    All straight from the anime thread

  • proper 馃敥
    Jul 5

    golden boy vs haikyu
    Grand blue vs opm

    smh why all my faves up against the most popular animes oat

  • Jul 5

    I see good matchups here


  • Jul 5

    Samurai champloo

  • Samurai Champloo ofc

  • Jul 5
    2 replies

    Dress up darling is a 3 seed?

  • Scooter

    Dress up darling is a 3 seed?

    Yeah should be higher

  • Champloo more rewatchable to me and the soundtrack


  • Champloo

  • Jul 5
    1 reply

    That JJK vs YYH match up is some bullshit tho I don鈥檛 wanna pit them against eachother

  • Jul 5
    2 replies

    Someone tag me when its time for ghost in the shell lol

  • proper 馃敥
    Jul 5
    1 reply

    Someone tag me when its time for ghost in the shell lol


    run w the wind >