• I have very bad body dysmorphia, used to be anorexic/bullemic but have been working out for about 7 years now, some days I think im jacked and im happy other days I think im a twig and get really upset

  • Sep 14

    Went through a dramatic weight loss and ended up with body dysmorphia, being into body building also is not helping either


    mine are puffy and you can see them through shirts

    Could be gynecomastia.
    Look it up, it's fairly common in men but grades vary.

  • i sometimes forget how i look but i guess thats not body dysmorphia

  • Sep 15

    My gut but im pretty skinny

  • Me used to think me was fat then me hit the weights and did light cardio. Seen me old photos recently and me WAS indeed fat

  • i bumped this thread for a reason, to vent, but idk if i wanna dump like that on here but i might idk. might just go to the bdd subreddit

  • Sep 15


  • Drench

    yep, people really dont realise how much effect bullying has on you, its the reason for my self-hatred, actually it isnt but a part of it

    Like I don't have self hatred since high school. love myself now but sometimes I feel like I can never be good enough or attractive enough no matter how hard I push myself. the residual anxiety is still haunting

  • Yeah I f***ing hate my body To an unhealthy amount. It’s only gotten worse since I Wasn’t able to lift weights for about a year and I had body Dysmorphia when I Lifted six days a week

    Also I’m 6 foot four and Probably about average weight so some days I think I’m fat as f*** some days I think I’m A twig. At this point I probably am a twig Because I’ve lost like 25 pounds unintentionally but it is what it is

  • Used to be worse, I’m consistently exercising and slowly seeing progress though.

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