• Feb 12

    Bruno has opened his bar The Pinky Ring at Bellagio in Las Vegas

    Him and the band will perform everyday for two weeks starting today

    The inauguration was on Saturday

    Mars and his Hooligans backing band played an hourlong set to kick off The Pinkyring at Bellagio. Mars started at about 11 p.m., after his appearance at Dolby Live at Park MGM. Janelle Monae performed “Tightrope” with Mars’s band. Babyface, who now has a home in Vegas, sang “Every Tie I Close My Eyes.

    Mars also unleashed “Treasure,” “That’s What I Like,” “Shake Your Body,” and “Rock With You.”

    They were giving EMAs 2011

  • Come back to this quite often, it's so good

  • We ever gonna get some new solo Bruno man

  • Feb 12
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    streets saying he only made 7 songs so far 😗

  • continuum

    streets saying he only made 7 songs so far 😗

    2 more and the album is finished

  • Unironically yes. Just two songs left. Or maybe even just one

    I remember he said those 9 songs from 24K Magic were literally the only songs he made

    Same thing with Silk Sonic, those songs were literally the only ones they made. And the original tracklist only had 8 tracks, not counting the intro

    But I like that his albums are very short and straight to the point.

  • Feb 12

    Give me 7 idc

  • Feb 12

    I need another vocal performance on the level of Too Good To Say Goodbye and Put On A Smile

  • Feb 13

    Man in the mirror says go and make your paper

  • Just read an insider claiming Bruno was in the studio with Jamaican producers last year. This is how I win.

    Supa Dups and Mitchum Chin (Liquor Store Blues, Show Me)? 🙂