• This is pretty much everything i've got on me atm, still have a lot more in boxes somewhere. Read most of these at least once, some a few years ago, others a lot more recently. Don't stand by some of the s*** in a few of them anymore, but any type of reading can be important if you think critically while you do it. unfortunately i've fallen almost completely out of reading fiction lately.

    edit: i had the pictures embedded originally but that might not have been a good idea tbh

  • Brag thread

  • Jk that's alot of reading, respect

  • Hellapoor

    Brag thread

    tbh i just want to see what people have cuz i imagine most mainly have fiction titles

    and i dont wanna do the book club thread cuz it never ever works

  • so many woke pop-sociology California wine mom hardcover lol

  • branko milanovic is good

  • Im currently reading The undiscovered self by Carl G. Jung and its lit, strongly recommend.

  • no atlus shrugged?

  • Frog

    no atlus shrugged?

    atlas shrugged? ayn rand?

    hell no

  • Synopsis

    atlas shrugged? ayn rand?

    hell no

    a joke

    but check out I, Rigoberta Menchu if you haven't!

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